Friday, April 3, 2009

Female domination

Female domination or femdom is one of the best practice in bdsm because it is a unique concept were the dominating part is a women usually women are the ones that have been dominated but with this scenario a female mistress is preparing her slave to be punish and brutally abuse. By the way mistress or goddess or a dominatrix is what you call to a female dom. watch some hot female domination or femdom now

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Bound Floor Wash Maid

Her wrists tied to her knees, on all fours, she can’t do a whole lot but clean the floor! Master sits and ignores her until he is fed up with her poor performance, and gives her a little “motivation” to move faster! Normally punishment requires having done something wrong…Not for this Master! He punishes her just for the fun of it - and then leaves her in a strict hogtie while he goes out! If it wasn’t our strict policy not to interfere with couples, we would’ve helped her out, it was a little scary…but its not our place.

Mistress Eris BDSM Lifestyle

Mistress Aurum comes home to a clean house…her Slave is dedicated to pleasing her every whim…and please he does as he is a housemaid, a pussy eater, a foot rest, a shoe cleaner, and finally left to kneel in front of a couch for the entire night before Mistress forgot to tell him he could move before she goes to bed! unbelievable dedication to his Mistress. Nothing beats a nice and dominant mistress like Mistress eris because she is my favorite mistress of all time.

Isobel Wren rope fetish

This is Part two of our day with Isobel Wren. Isobel is still holding out hope that she can please her Master but the truth is becoming “painfully” clear. Her defiance is starting to wane under Master Blackthorne’s expert manipulation or is it just exhaustion from all the orgasms… Waxing, forced masturbation, cloths pins, flogging, spanking, electro play and a number of other unusual torments.

The Ski Lodge

When Celt takes Angelique away for a romantic ski vacation, Angelique gets a little more then she bargained for. After a day of skiing, Celt and Angelique are relaxing in the lodges solarium, which just happens to have beamed ceilings. Upon noticing the beams, Celt gets an evil twinkle in his eye and knows just what to do to make this vacation one the Angelique will never forgot.

Mrs. Thistlewaite and the Dirty Girl

After Mrs. Thistelwaite is forced to spank Rose and Grace for their inappropriate “play” in Mrs. Thitlewaite’s Hairbrush, Grace is sent to her room, leaving Rose alone. But it seems that the spanking did not have the desire effect on Miss Rose, and soon she’s being more inappropriate than ever.

When Mrs. Thistlewaite catches Rose engaging in the dreaded sin of self-abuse, she does what any self-respecting Victorian governess would do: a hard bare bottom spanking, followed by an embarassing and thorough chastisement of the offending area of the body, first with a hand spanking and then with a very special little stick.

This spanklet is very explicit and may not be for everyone. But for all of you out there who have begged us to do some more explicit material, and, specifically, pussy spanking, this one is definitely for you!

Leila Hazlett electro play BDSM

This is part two of Wasteland’s adventures with Leila Hazlett and today we find her tied up in even more delicious or maybe we should say devious positions, if that’s even possible. Nipples clamps, cloths pins, flogging, spanking, a very large dildo on a stick, cold water and even a bit of electro play our Leila’s punishments for the day. All that and still our favorite part was watching her cum again and again. This scene is one of the best BDSM movies that i have ever seen and it really makes me feel satisfy to my BDSM Cravings.